The Skywatchers Handbook

Skywatchers' first album, The Skywatchers Handbook, was released in September 2010.

Skywatchers: Keep watching the sky...

Details On 'Serves Me Right' Single

Saturday January 29, 2011 | Filed under:

‘Serves Me Right’, the first single from The Skywatchers Handbook, is set for digital release February 21, 2001.

The tracks are:

  1. Serves Me Right (single mix)
  2. The Fool And The Star
  3. Serves Me Right
    (Serves Me Impeccably Mix by Unit Delta +)
  4. Serves Me Right
    (Remixed by Saint John Chadwick Junior School)

The digital download booklet contains nine new creepy landscapes by Varrod Skywatcher.


A Message From Our Sponsor

Friday January 28, 2011 | Filed under:

‘Serves Me Right’ promo message:

SERVES ME RIGHT PLUG by skywatchers


Upcoming Single Release

Friday January 7, 2011 | Filed under:

Skywatchers are gearing up to release the first single from The Skywatchers Handbook, ‘Serves Me Right.’ The package features a new mix of SMR, plus two / three quite different remixes and a brand new track called ‘The Fool And The Star’. The digital download booklet features some wintery and quite creepy artwork. More on this very soon…

In the meantime, click to see a tiny teaser of the booklet.


Album Release Date: September 6th!

Wednesday August 25, 2010 | Filed under:

The Skywatchers Handbook will be digitally released on Monday, September 6, 2010. The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

The CD release is Monday, September 13.